Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Not without its problems...

So discovering yoga (or being discovered by it) is the most significant thing that's happened to me in the last two years. But it's not been an easy journey.

I've had a lot of doubts and questions about yoga and about whether or not I should practice - a lot of things to work through.

The main issue for me has been the potential clash between yoga and my Christian faith. And because my faith is so much part of who I am and what I do, that's caused me to ask a lot of deep questions.

For instance:

Is yoga, with its roots in Eastern religious traditions, likely to take me away from my Christian faith?
When I do yoga, am I praying to a deity in whom I do not believe?
Am I serving 'two masters' - yoga and Christ?

And, perhaps most difficult:

When Jesus speaks of 'losing the self' how do I approach yoga's invitation to discover my true self?

But don't worry! There are some answers!

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