Friday, 5 January 2018

An interesting progression

Like many people who live their lives to music, I have tried with jazz. Oh boy, have I tried. But too many notes, too little melody, too much improvisation, unfamiliar scales and time signatures have always sent me scurrying back to the sanctuary of 70s rock.

However, I think I've found something I love, and it happened because I found a way in. I'm a bass-player and I'm immediately drawn to the bass line in pretty much any genre of music. (Sarah always tells me that she can hear me humming the bass line of the in-store tunes when we're out shopping together. I honestly don't realise I'm doing it!)

But I recently came across a wonderful bassist, whose music draws in a lot of other styles. And at a time when I've just not been able to connect with music, this felt like coming home again. And, to add to the unexpected nature of this discovery, he plays jazz. His name is Avishai Cohen.

Anyway, here is a video of Avishai Cohen and his band which I've been pretty much playing on repeat lately. He is a wonderful musician, who obviously surrounds himself with other wonderful musicians. I love it, and hope you like it too.

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