Friday, 28 December 2012

Re-drawing the map

As the Christmas season moves on, I feel it's time to begin some thinking about my spiritual 'map'. What I mean is that over the last six months or so, many of the things I've been using as pathways for my spiritual journey have begun not to lead anywhere - or, at least, not anywhere useful.

In other words, I'm finding that many of the things which spoke to me, moved me, got me excited no longer do so.

So much of what we do in church life is beginning to feel frustrating, or unnecessary, or trivial, or empty. So many of the words we use sound hollow, too lofty and not of this wonderful created world. It's time to make it all sing again.

And so I think it's time for some reviewing, just to get things a bit into focus for myself. I feel that I need to draw, to write, to think, so that I can see what practices, rituals, thoughts are now resonating with me.

It feels like time to begin to look for new paths, new life, new ways.

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