Thursday, 15 November 2012

Any yoga in the future?

I was browsing on Elephant Journal yesterday, and came across an article on the future of yoga. It said:

Yoga is tonic for the world’s ills.

Yes, I agree with that! But the article went on to ask:

But who among us is studying yoga in the depth that the last generation did? Not me. Who is stewarding the roots of yoga, which are about “stilling the waves of the mind,” as Patanjali puts it? Is meditation a part of your typical yoga class?

And then reminded me (because I get hooked by the adverts every time..!) that:

yoga isn’t… yoga pants. It’s not young models exercising with pastel backgrounds before they get back into their SUV and pop by Whole Foods to grab some quinoa for their 1.8 children.

So, the article ended by asking:

What is yoga?

1. Yoga is a spiritual path. Yoga is about becoming a more fully present, genuine, compassionate person.

2. And, yoga is—for those who don’t want to become happy holy spiritual types—a physical exercise that will—as a pleasant side effect—open up your mind and heart so that you, yes you—are a better businessperson, saner lover, better parent, more focused athlete, relaxed child.

Ending with a challenge:

In just 10 years…who will present yoga in depth? And who will learn it?

...will you or your favorite local yoga teacher accept this important challenge and responsibility—and study, practice and teach yoga’s roots?

I would love to do this: to take up the chance to study yoga in more depth, and to help to offer it as a life-long practice (physical and spiritual) for all. So my next question is: how do I make it happen?

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